Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Eve Musical Menu

Carol's Menu (Liszt):

Piano Tuna
(tuna and shrimp pate with capers and roasted peppers)

Liver Come Back to Me
(pate de campagne: pork and veal with chicken livers, pistachios, and Calvados)

Arveggione Sonata
(assorted crudités, hummus, and artichoke dip)

Eugene Oneggplant
(Lana’s eggplant sandwiches)

Minor Quiches

Eggmont Overture
(deviled eggs with a touch of curry)

Sharp Cheese and Flat Bread:

I’m So Blue (triple cream Castello)

French Rounds (herbed chevre)

Marinated Mozartrella

Dave Brie-beck

Amazing Grapes

Main Themes:
Love Me Tenderloin
with Darius Mayo (garlic sauce)

Salmon Chanted Evening
with Placido DoMango

Greens Leaves
(Michigan salad with raspberry maple vinaigrette)

Give Peas A Chance
(black eye pea salad with a cumin-citrus dressing)

Little Russian Salad
(Lana’s potato salad)

Mio Babbino Carrot Salad
(Kyrghyz carrot salad with garlic and cumin)

Leslie’s Flute Salad

Porgy & Breads/ Rock’n Rolls

Double Bars
(Ruby’s brownies)

A Taste of Honey Cake

Repeat Bars
(Nat’s famous rosemary-ginger shortbread)

Under My Thumb-prints

Phyllo Dough-Re-Mi
(My grandmother’s strudel)

Chocolate-dipped Straw Berios

To Phil-Up The Glass:
Appalachian Spring Water

Almost Hear You Ci-der

Diet Pop (Nat King Cola, ‘Round Seven Up)


Erik Sa-Tea

Gustave Meyer-Beer


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