Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Citrus Citrus Citrus!

Everyone thinks about citrus at this time of year. I've been reading Citrus: A History, as I've mentioned. Today, the L.A.Times food section went over the top:

100 things to do with a Meyer lemon

The local Whole Foods has Meyer lemons all the time, so I have developed a taste for them as a squeeze on fish or chicken dishes. I admit, I also like to eat a wedge of Meyer lemon now and then: not quite as sour as a generic lemon. (Those were Meyer lemons in the trout dish I made a few weeks ago -- see Trout.)

Plus in another article: "Blood oranges: These crimson-fleshed citrus fruits are another produce item that has gone almost instantly from obscure to commonplace. It wasn't so long ago that you practically had to travel to Sicily to find them. Now they're in grocery stores." See: Oranges that taste of summer berries by Russ Parsons.

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