Friday, July 08, 2011

Velazquez paints food

We're home again from our long trip out west. And I'm again looking at the topic of how artists (maybe not many of them) have pursued the topic of food and cooking. It seems that one such painter was Velazquez (1599-1660). I am especially interested in the picture above, "Old woman cooking eggs," painted when Velazquez was very young. I have little information about what he was thinking or any meaning beyond a realistic depiction of a simple subject. The contemporary Dutch painters' still life works had a great deal of symbolism in them. Here? I don't know.

There are quite a few more, including this one:

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LarryPerk said...

It's a very famous and wonderful painting, of course, because it demonstrates Velasquez's incredible mastery at the age of 19. The woman and boy were probably family members - or in any case, working class people he liked to use as models in this period. More striking than the food, though, are the chiaroscuro light, and the hands - just look at those HANDS!

See this link for more info:

Can't find much about the other picture (and I'm intrigued by the utensil in the man's hand on the left).

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