Friday, July 01, 2011

Picnic Game Day

Happy picnic day: don't forget to check Louise's blog for a complete list of 26 picnic foods in alphabetical order! My post,

A-Apricot Cobbler

has been up for around a week. There are 16 recipes for desserts and sweet baked goods, and a very interesting Portuguese dish that starts with "X" among the delicious foods for this virtual picnic.

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~~louise~~ said...

Why thank you Mae for reminding your visitors about the Picnic Game. Happy Picnic Month to you!!!

I have to go to New York unexpectedly tomorrow, not by choice mind you, so I just wanted to drop by and thank you once again for joining in on the Picnic Game festivities. I do hope you enjoyed yourself and from the sound of it, you just may be trying some of those picnicky dishes when you get back to your own kitchen.

Have a GREAT time, Mae. I should be back by Monday. (nothing like driving 5 hrs. on the 4th, if I'm lucky:)