Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hawaii Food

At Fred's Mexican restaurant, I ate a burrito that looked bigger than my head -- as Miss Piggy warned not to! Here's Miriam with her enchilada.

Fresh fish again and again -- I never get tired of it! The photo above is ahi with oriental salad from a place called Cafe O'Lei (ouch). It gets great reviews, and I liked my lunch, but dinner there later was a big disappointment to Evelyn and Tom.
Another lunch we ate at a place called Ma'alenea -- on the water. Below is Alice's post about that lunch, which she dictated for the story blog:

We went to a restaurant in front of the harbor.
Here I am waiting to order. I had fish and chips. The fish was called mahi-mahi. I liked it. Except for it was a little hot. If I didn't put too much tartar sauce, I liked it.

I had mint chip and a cookie sandwich at Hula Cookies and Ice Cream. It was really good!

Miriam had some kind of strawberry. She liked it too. My Dad had a really good ice cream. I think he got pineapple and coconut.
-- by Alice

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Loved your granddaughter's post! It sounds like you're all having a lovely time.