Tuesday, August 01, 2017

"The Godfather"

"The Godfather" -- which we just watched in our Classic Film streak -- was better than I remembered it. I hadn't seen it in quite a long time. Obviously, most people have seen it so many times since its release in 1972 that my readers will surely know what I'm about to say about it. (Unless you think I'm going to insist that this is a food blog so I have to comment about the famous spaghetti recipe.)

My favorite scene was at the end. Michael Corleone attends the Baptism of his newborn niece, becoming her actual Godfather. The church ritual includes his swearing that he renounces Satan. Intense drama comes from the interspersed scenes of Michael's "family" preparing to consolidate his power over the Mafia world and become a Godfather like his own father.

The tiny baby being Baptized was played by Sofia Coppola,
daughter of the director. So cute. So innocent. 
As we watch the Baptism, with its droning priest and Michael's strong-voiced promises,
we also see the images of the preparation of guns and whatever it takes to prepare the many assassins.
And at the end, as Michael has fully promised to renounce Satan, we see all his enemies murdered.
Violence! Innocence! You can almost smell the incense. And the gunpowder.
One of many thoughts circulating on social media right now: "If the Corleone family is running the government, you want Michael in charge... and right now, we've got Fredo. "

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