Thursday, August 11, 2016


Kilauea lighthouse at the Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge, home of a large number of seabirds including shearwaters,
boobies, tropicbirds, and frigate birds. Some nest here, some nest elsewhere.
The albatross, for which the refuge is well-known, have left for their breeding grounds in Alaska.
Red-tailed tropicbird at Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge.

Great frigate bird.
Red-footed booby.
A wedge-tailed shearwater on her nest under a bush just outside the gift shop.
The baby shearwater, a ball of fluff with a tiny eye & beak. The mother kept nuzzling it.
A tree in the nesting colony.

At Anini Beach, around 6 miles from the lighthouse.

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Jeanie said...

Well, I love the birds. But I'd REALLY like to be romping on the beach! You are missing hot and sticky here!