Friday, January 08, 2016

Hello, Jeanie!

Finally, after years of blogging acquaintance and dozens if not hundreds of blog comments and Facebook exchanges, Jeanie from The Marmelade Gypsy blog and I have met! We are totally compatible and talked nonstop over brunch at Cafe Zola in downtown Ann Arbor. Subjects ranged from Paris (a favorite place for both of us), watching TV (loving the Great British Baking show, hating Comcast, worrying about the bandwidth auction of PBS stations, and having to work all those darn remotes), birds and cats (Jeanie's cat Lizzie thinks she is omnipotent at calling birds into her yard for Lizzie to watch from the window), and a little about politics which we agree on pretty much.

Jeanie is on her way to a cake-baking workshop at Zingerman's bakehouse. I am looking forward to what she'll be blogging about her experience there and about the cakes she'll be baking. And I'm looking forward to the next time we meet. We've both made a resolution every year that we'll finally meet in person. So good to finish a resolution on January 8, isn't it?

My spinach crepe and coffee -- Jeanie had a mushroom crepe and a pot of tea.
The photo in which we both appeared was excessively back-lit so I'm not using it.


~~louise~~ said...

How exciting for the both of you Mae!!! This is wonderful news and to think, your resolutions have been met on Elvis' birthday, lol...

Thanks for sharing, Mae...I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall:)

P.S. Just in case you didn't see my reply comment, I LOVED that NYT article! Thanks for sharing it:)

Vagabonde said...

How wonderful for the two of you to meet. I have been reading Jeanie’s blog for many years and enjoy it, as well as the one where she talked about books. It is so great to meet blogging friends. I have met several. The first year I blogged there was a "blog meet" in Oslo, Norway, and we went there. I also met a blogger in New Orleans as we were both there at the same time, then again in San Francisco where she lives. I also meet one blogging friend in New York City every time I go there. I had made a list once – I think that I had met more than 8 or so and each time it was like meeting a very old friend.

Jeanie said...

It was just the best. For those readers who have never met Mae, let me say she is as fun, bright, interesting, intelligent, caring and authentic as she is on this blog! No ugly surprises, but then, I've rarely been surprised with a blog meet!

It was a terrific day (and so was class -- post just went up!)

Thanks, Mae! I'm glad our schedules worked! And I hope it happens again!

Esme said...

I have never met Jeannie in person. But who would not enjoy a day with her. She seems very kind and interesting.