Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Halloween in our neighborhood is a really big deal! We have the biggest pumpkins you can imagine, the Burns Park Halloween Parade, and ghosts hanging in all the trees. Something is happening all the time.

The giant Jack-o-Lanterns are back, bigger than ever. Jeff, posing with Jack is 5'10"-- nearly as tall as the pumpkin.

My photo of the same house from five years ago (above) shows a pumpkin that's barely above the level of the porch! The Halloween-loving inhabitants buy pumpkins from a farmer who is trying to grow the biggest pumpkin ever for a contest. I guess the farmer gets better every year.

The Burns Park School Halloween Parade today passed the giant pumpkins as it made its way through the neighborhood.

I particularly liked the tooth fairy.
Minions are very popular around here. I was also
amazed at the vast number of Star Wars costumes, including
many Princess Leias with the original hair style.
Ghosts hang in the trees, on the lawns...
...and spiders on the rooftops.
In my dining room -- I'm ready for trick-or-treaters! When it's all over, we'll eat the orange pumpkin.


Jeanie said...

I want to celebrate Halloween in YOUR neighborhood! I don't know that we'll have many kids this year -- it fluctuates but two families with four kids each moved this summer. Most of the houses in our area are two small for more than two or three! I love those huge pumkpins!

Cheri Savory Spoon said...

Hi Mae, looks like you live in a wonderful neighborhood where everyone has a great time together. Those pumpkins are amazing!

Cakelaw said...

Great photos Mae - thanks for sharing them.

Debra Eliotseats said...

Those giant pumpkins are amazing. You all really do take Halloween seriously in your neighborhood.

Mae Travels said...

Hi All,
Thanks for the comments. Update: we gave away over 100 Milky Ways last night, rigorously one to a customer. So yes, we really take Halloween seriously, and in fact attract carloads of kids from other neighborhoods and even other towns. It's fine with me... I love the celebration!

mjskit said...

What fun!!!!! I agree with Debra - you do take Halloween quite seriously. :)

Johanna GGG said...

wow I am amazed at the parade and the pumpkins and ghosts. I think sylvia dressed up at school last year but not this year. Do you eat the giant pumpkins? I've never seen anything like them. Guess you just dive inside them to carve them :-)

Mae Travels said...

Johanna... I don't think the giant pumpkins are good to eat. They get moldy very fast after they are carved. I saw a video of carving them: it's done with power tools! Quite a job. Both kids and adults here love dressing up for Halloween... many workplaces are full of costumes as well as most schools. But our local area is especially active.

Claudia said...

This is the sweetest Halloween post ever! Those giant jack-o-lanters, the parade! Love the celebratory nature of it all. I also was partial to the tooth fairy!