Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ice Cream News

See this article for a description of really tempting new ice cream arrangements: "Ben & Jerry's Nails It With New Core Ice Cream Flavors." Each pint has two flavors of ice cream and a contrasting core of fudge, jam, or salted caramel:

I love Ben and Jerry's ice cream, even though their original social conscience was probably cast off when the corporation was sold to some big conglomerate. I don't buy it often enough. This new arrangement of multiple flavors really does sound wonderful. A link posted on Facebook by George Takei made me aware of this article.

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~~louise~~ said...

Ben & Jerry's is my very best favorite ice cream, Mae. I very rarely eat ice cream any more but when I do, it's Ben & Jerry's. (although, Turkey Hill is awfully good too:)

That new "arrangement" looks way cool. I just wish the salted phase would pass soon.

Thanks for sharing, Mae...