Monday, January 16, 2012

Pie for Breakfast

pie8998 pie9002 pie9003 Hardest recipe ever! Why? The key limes were tiny and very stubbornly held onto their juice. 21 limes were barely half as much juice as Evelyn needed, so it was a key-lime-tangerine pie. Delicious!! Note that Alice has converted her 3-D glasses to hipster glasses. And Miriam is gleeful about our decadent breakfast.


~~louise~~ said...

LOVE love love Alice's glasses and Evelyn's dinosaur tee shirt! I sure wish I would have made it here yesterday, Mae. It was National Pie Day and looks like you "guys" celebrated without me!!!

Thanks for sharing...

P.S. I've never attempted key lime pie. Don't they sell Key Lime juice that can be used for pies?

Mae Travels said...

Hi Louise,
We ate the pie a week early for National Pie Day -- it was last monday! If we ever make it again, we'll definitely use bottled juice, but this was made of real key limes! And they weren't very juicy. Maybe we'll make it for Pi Day (that's 3-14). That's Miriam in the Dinosaur shirt.