Friday, July 09, 2010

Traverse City Food

At the Red Mesa Grill before dinner one night during this past few days in Traverse City, we admired the large collection of hot sauces illuminated by the setting sun.


We also admired the box of "fudge" the size of an automobile on top of one of the many fudge shops in the area. I have no idea whether Northern Michigan invented this particular style of fudge, including the invitation to watch it forming under the wooden paddle wielded by a teenager on summer vacation and to try a teensy sample. However, I once entered a similar fudge shop on the High Street in Cambridge, England, right near the world-famous King's College, and was told that it originated in "Mitchigan" which is how the name of our state is pronounced over there.

Traverse City was having a Cherry Festival, but we chose to visit the more scenic attractions instead. We spent a day exploring the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore, where I believe there are some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere. Unfortunately their beauty is best appreciated on summer days such as we enjoyed, and these days are very rare.


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