Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Marmelade Gypsy

Blogger Jeanie who writes The Marmelade Gypsy awarded me "The Tulip Award" and put me in a list of blogs she's recently been reading. I appreciate this honor. I've been enjoying her blog, named for her cat, in which she covers her various activities and relaxations, mainly in Michigan. Today she posted a variety of photos of her vacation at a cottage in Michigan and her current art project -- silk painting. The washed silk patterns she's doing look very pretty.

Earlier this summer Jeanie did a long series about a trip to Paris which I found very pleasant as it recalled many trips I've taken. She found me because of some scanned photos of Monet's Kitchen at Giverny that I posted some time ago, which she wanted to use to illustrate her visit to Giverny.


Jeanie said...

And I was delighted to have discovered your blog(s)! I learn from all the articles, and it's just fun to kind of "hang out" with you! (And the photos really helped my Giverny post, too! Thanks!)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I love The Marmelade Gypsy! And I also greatly enjoy Jeanie's talents in so many areas.